Our Plans

The project site is located on the western side of the Gowanus Canal in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood, within Community Board 6, and encompasses Brooklyn Tax Block 452 (Lots 1 and 15) and Tax Block 458 (Lot 1). The project site is approximately three acres in size, including approximately 280 linear feet of frontage along Bond Street, 48 linear feet of frontage along Carroll Street, 430 linear feet of frontage along Second Street, and 460 linear feet of frontage along the Gowanus Canal. Two City-owned parcels on Block 452, which are currently occupied by an Emergency Medical Services facility and infrastructure associated with the Carroll Street Bridge, are also included in the area to be rezoned.

Each of the two blocks on the project site will contain three buildings, for a total of six buildings:

The two buildings fronting on Bond Street will be low-rise buildings consisting of five stories and a setback story. These buildings will contain rental units of inclusionary housing, which would be reserved for residents earning not more than 80% of area median income and would remain permanently affordable.

Along First Street and Second Street will be two (2)  four-story buildings containing market-rate townhomes. These units  will have individual entrances from the street.

Fronting the Canal and wrapping the corners of First and Second Streets will be two buildings of varying heights that will range from five to twelve stories. These buildings will contain market-rate multifamily housing.

The proposed buildings will be predominantly residential, but will also include a community facility and retail space.  Each proposed use is detailed below.

Community Facility Use
The development will contain approximately 2,000 gross square feet of community facility space along Second Street. It is anticipated that the Gowanus Dredgers will occupy this space for educational and recreational purposes involving the Gowanus Canal. For more information on the Gowanus Dredgers, a community group of boating enthusiasts, please visit http://www.waterfrontmuseum.org/dredgers/. It is also anticipated that this facility could be utilized as a rotating space for other community groups to use for the purpose of educating the public about the environment.

Retail Use
The development would contain approximately 2,000 gross square feet of retail space along First Street. While no specific retail use has been designated for this space, it is anticipated that it will be service-oriented retail that will benefit local residents, such as a café or deli. More information on this use will develop as we receive input from the community.

Residential Use
The development would contain approximately 602,000 gross square feet of residential space. This space will be utilized for housing, parking, and accessory uses for the residents in the development:

  • Approximately 460 dwelling units
    • Approximately 140 units (30% of the units in the project) would be designated as inclusionary housing rental units which would be reserved for residents earning not more than 80% of area median income and would remain permanently affordable.
    • Approximately 320 units would be designated as multi-family home-ownership units.
  • Approximately 260 enclosed parking spaces

The proposed project would provide approximately 23,000 sf of publicly-accessible open space along the length of the project’s Gowanus Canal waterfront. This open space would provide views along the waterfront as well as opening up new views of the historic Carroll Street Bridge, and would be landscaped with public amenities including a small pavilion, benches, educational and historical markers, railings, a weather station, and possibly a dog run.  Public entrances to the open space would be located at the north end of the project (Carroll Street), the south end of the project (Second Street), and at the end of First Street.

The proposed project would include the repair of the bulkhead for the entire length of the project site’s waterfront.

Currently, all of the project site’s sanitary flow and a portion of the site’s stormwater flow are conveyed to the Red Hook Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) via the existing combined sewer in Bond Street. The proposed project would separate the stormwater flow from the sanitary flow by installing new separate stormwater sewers designed in accordance with NYC Department of Environmental Protection standards in First and Second Streets, with new stormwater outfalls to the Gowanus Canal.

These new stormwater sewers built by Toll Brothers would divert the project site’s stormwater from the local combined sewer system, thereby reducing the impact of the project site on the local sewer system and improving local drainage conditions. The stormwater will be treated prior to discharge into the Canal.

The nature of subsurface conditions on the site reflects the long industrial and manufacturing history of the site and the surrounding area. Toll Brothers’ extensive and thorough subsurface investigations detected highly weathered petroleum-related compounds and compounds typically associated with cinders and asphalt in urban fill material. As part of the proposed project, remediation would remove, treat or contain these compounds. These remedial measures would protect human health and the environment. In addition, the developer would be required to comply with all regulations regarding the proper management, handling and/or disposal of any asbestos or lead paint in accordance with City regulations.

These measures would be implemented in accordance with a DEP-approved Restrictive Declaration for the project site and in accordance with a State Department of Environmental Conservation-approved remediation plan. The Restrictive Declaration will require the implementation of all measures deemed necessary by DEP to prevent potential impacts related to hazardous materials.

The proposed project is anticipated to start construction in 2009 and be completed by 2011.

In order for the redevelopment to proceed, the project must be certified by the Department of City Planning and approved through the City’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP).  The developer’s request to rezone the site from M1-2 to Special Mixed-Use District (MX): M1-2/R7-2 will be reviewed during ULURP, which will provide members of the public many opportunities to comment on the project plans.  Please continue to check this website throughout the review period for project information and updates.

In addition to the ULURP process, other City and State approvals will be needed, including a special permit, text amendments, permits for new stormwater outfall, and permits for repair and replacement of the existing bulkhead along the Gowanus Canal.